ABOUT RehabTrac

RehabTrac allows the clinician to use the motion sensors in your smartphone to measure your posture and functional performance, such as balance and gait.

The clinician connects to the RehabTrac app in your smartphone using their web browser. Once the clinician instruct you to begin performing the assessment they start to capture your movement pattern and upload to the cloud for further analysis. Your performance can then be compared to healthy controls and to your previous assessment to explore your progress.

RehabTrac was developed by Dr oren Tirosh who is an esteemed biomechanist, with extensive clinical and research experience in integrated human biomechanics.. He is the Director of the Biomechanics laboratory at SUT (see https://biomechanics.site), and specialises in movement analysis, wearable sensor technology, and clinical 3D gait analysis. Oren has 20 years of posture and gait research with practical experience in clinical gait analysis working in the gait laboratory at the Royal Children's Hospital and SUT.

RehabTrac is supported by Dr Luke Nichols. Luke is an entrepreneur working in the health care sector in both private practice and corporate health Luke holds a Masters of Clinical Chiropractic with Distinction, and is the founder and principal chiropractor of SYSSM, with over 14  years of clinical experience. Luke is a keen athlete and has worked with many elite sporting teams in a professional capacity, including the Australian Olympic Rowing TeamAs a husband and father of four young children, Luke understands the demands of balancing family life with a successful business, his responsibilities as a clinician and the need to remain fit, healthy and perform optimally on a personal level.   Luke is passionate about inspiring each and every person to live a balanced life of optimal health, wellbeing and performance. His passion for health has lead him to design SYSSM as a true multidisciplinary centre for people who value their wellbeing and proactively want to achieve their optimal level of health.Luke has been committed to constantly increasing his knowledge base as a chiropractor, including helping educate fourth year Murdoch University students in an international environment on the importance of accurately diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal conditions. He has had the privilege of volunteering his services in India over many years with the Hands on India (HOI)  project. Through HOI, Luke has demonstrated exceptional clinical and leadership qualities by co-ordinating and leading numerous excursions into underprivileged parts of India such that healthcare can be bought to those most in need.Luke is a passionate chiropractor who employs numerous treatment approaches depending on the needs of his patients, allowing him to comprehensively evaluate and assess the neuro-musculoskeletal system. He is also focused on empowering patients to manage and prevent injury so they can achieve peak physical condition. Luke’s special interests are lower back injuries, neck complaints (including headaches), and hip injuries.

Download RehabTrac

Click on the Android image to download and install on Android smartphone.

NOTE: By default, Android prevents users from downloading and installing applications from locations other than Google Play. To allow installation from non-marketplace sources, a user must enable the  Unknown sources setting on a device before attempting to install an application. The setting for this may be found under Settings > Security