Tele-assessment solution

using your patient smartphone

Innovative application for objective remote functional assessments.
Monitor your Postural balance, Time up Go, and Sit to Stand performance.

Realtime Remote Assessment

Connect remotely to your patient smartphone from your browser, and measure their performance in realtime.

Patient Performs Self Assessment

The app will guide your patient through the assessments and will upload the results to the cloud.

Analysis of Patient Functional Performance

Monitor your patient performance throughout the rehabilitation program and compare to healthy controls. 

Scientifically Tested and Proven 

The use of smartphone to measure postural balance and functional performance proven to be valid and reliable.

See how RehabTrac works.

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The clinician connects remotely to the patient’s smartphone sensors from their personal web browser and collects motion data while instructing the patient to perform the functional task.

Allowing patients to self-administer their assessment program without the need for clinician interaction. By selecting the functional tasks, RehabTrac guides the patient through the list of tasks while measuring their performance and auto-transfers the data to the cloud and analyse the performance.